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How Does It Work...

My Mini Mix is a potential online music streaming service that utilizes an existing music library and creates all new music enjoyment with our product called Mini Mixes.

The Mini Mixes are delivered as either a 2-song, 3-song, 4-song or 5-song mix. These variations offer the listening audience a chance to enjoy their favorite artists while providing a simple way to monitor and follow the music being played for any type of record keeping practices. The design of the Mini Mixes creates a new revenue stream while satisfying industry standards of tracking; all of this while using an age-old technique to deliver music.

The design of the Mini Mixes gives numerous opportunities for a multitude of music selections to be prescribed in various ways to entertain the listening audience. The Mini Mixes can be laid out to enjoy artists of a particular genre or the music lover can pinpoint their favorite artists and it all is in the mix.

Mini Mixes can be produced in a variety of ways. When desired, the productions can be manipulated to give the audio trickery that some DJs are known for, as well, the Mini Mixes can be given a straightforward approach with one song being introduced to the listening audience as another song is simply faded out.

Through survey and testing, we have discovered that a 2-song, 3-song, 4-song and 5-song mix provides an audio comfort that majority of music lovers tend to enjoy and are willing to play repeatedly. If provided with all four types of Mini Mixes, the listening audience seems to create a mix and match scenario and that then allows the listener to become their very own DJ.

Each one of our initial playlists is still open to facilitate any specifics that a company may want to incorporate. The initial playlists are only meant to get started and further develop My Mini Mix. As well, with the use of algorithms, we can further provide a musical audience with an enjoyable experience.

Mirror Immage Entertainment’s initial thought process with My Mini Mix is that the use of the domain MYMINIMIX.COM can be a joint venture to provide mixed music. We are hoping that My Mini Mix can fall under the music-streaming license of a company so the music streaming service can be provided without added costs.

In conjunction with My Mini Mix operating under a company’s music-streaming license, Mirror Immage would provide the continuous production of the Mini Mixes to build the My Mini Mix music library and that company would provide a series of music channels to launch the My Mini Mix playlists.

Mirror Immage Entertainment currently holds a pending patent for Mini Mixes which provides an opportunity for exclusive usage in the marketplace. With quite a few streaming services interested in how to bring mixed music to market, a solid collaboration can easily propel and maintain a music-streaming service’s status to an unchecked pole position; as there are no current music-streaming services providing mixed music.

At this point, what is needed to proceed? Mirror Immage already has the domain of MYMINIMIX.COM under it’s web portfolio. Web design has been initiated to provide simple access to the current playlists, as well; sponsorship space can been added to the MYMINIMIX.COM initial page to assist with other revenue generating opportunities. So, at this point what is left is a company’s participation with music-streaming licensing and server space to house the music library for the Mini Mixes.

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