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Hello. I am D. Barnes (known as Dymond the DJ) and I have created the Mini Mix. Mini Mixes are a series of productions that simply provide mixed music to the music lover. They come as 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-song productions.

As a DJ, producer and engineer, I bring more than 30+ years of experience to the creation and development of the Mini Mix. My company, Mirror Immage Entertainment, has spent a series of years not just making the productions of the Mini Mix, but also testing the concept among thousands of music lovers to verify the appeal of the Mini Mix.

Mirror Immage Entertainment is made up of engineers, producers, promotional specialists, DJs and other entertainment industry professionals. The team has been providing quality services for more than 35+ years. Our motto is Quality First.

Our audio division, Mini Mix Factory, is constantly working on increasing and bettering our Mini Mix library. We maintain a digital channel called Maximum Rhythm to showcase the various mini mixes and other productions. We work on our crafts on a regular basis to ensure our music listening audience is always satisfied with our productions.

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D. Barnes
Mirror Immage Entertainment
Mirror Immage Entertainment